Our Story

We offer modern handcrafted goods for the culturally conscious

Inspired by Tradition

For over 25 years, our Founder has celebrated Kwanzaa with family and friends. The 7-day holiday, focuses on core principles to honor African heritage and uplift our community. More than just a celebration, these guiding principles shape our daily intentions and business practices.

A unique element of the celebration is the exchange handmade gifts - zawadi. Sharing zawadi allows us to pass down culture and history from one generation to the next through stories and unique gifts. Harambee Crafts honors the longtime tradition of craftsmanship and creativity by creating modern handcrafted goods designed to allow one to create their own story.

Victoria Phifer, Founder

Owned by People Like You

We proudly stand behind being owned by people like you. As a small business with big dreams, we champion other women owned and minority owned businesses - sourcing materials and developing products from independent artisans and owners. Our business intentionally reflects the values of our customers - authenticity, community, and quality. Patronizing Harambee Crafts contributes to a pipeline of small business owners, grateful for your support in true Harambee spirit!

Harambee Crafts is authentic. Our company is owned by people of the diaspora, 100% dedicated to its accurate representation and embarking on a journey of discovery with you.

Made to Higher Standards 

Each and every product bearing the Harambee name is crafted with pride - a special zawadi (gift) from us to you. Our collection of products are a reminder of African heritage and culture. We are committed to creating styles, designed and constructed with attention to detail you can be proud to use or gift to others.