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Dear Harambee Crafts Tribe,

We stand in solidarity with the movement fighting for justice and organizing to end police brutality in America. We amplify the voices that have been marginalized and ignored. We pray for the families and communities of individuals whose lives have been extinguished all too soon. 

George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor...the list is far too long. These are not random occurrences, but the result of a system. If we live in a nation truly founded on the principle that “all men are created equal”, then it is our duty to and dismantle systems of oppression, rooted in racism. 

The most recent wave of police-involved killings of Black Americans requires each of us to use our voice, platform, and or resources to disrupt the system. 

Our individual actions may look different, but there is something each of us can do to pull together for the collective. If we stand for justice, walk in love, engage in difficult conversations with friends and family, reach out to policymakers, and take action—we can effect change. 

Say their names. Pray for progress. Demand justice. Support the movement. Take Action!

Ways to take action:


  • Here are some resources (e.g. phone call scripts, email scripts, and online message forms) from the ACLU of Minnesota
  • Sign the petitions of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor to urge state and local leaders to act swiftly
  • Register to vote and turnout for national and local elections to ensure elected officials who support your values are elected


  • Listen to the NYT 1619 Project Podcast. It’s a powerful series that illuminates how slavery transformed America's history and legacy.
  • Learn how to be an Ally to the Black community 
  • Talk to your kids explicitly about racism and other forms of discrimination; it’s never too early. Don't teach them to be "colorblind”. 
  • Learn from and pay Black activists. A few of note: Rachel Cargle (Instagram handle: @rachel.cargle and her project The Great Unlearn @thegreatunlearn), Brittany Packnett Cinningham (Instagram handle: @mspackyetti), Desiree Adaway (Instagram handle: @desireeadaway), Ericka Hines (Instagram handle: @erickahines) and Sonya Renee Taylor (Instagram handle: @sonyareneetaylor)


Please feel free to share this blog post with others and comment with ways you are engaged. 


Let’s pull together


Founder I Harambee Crafts 

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