Behind the Crown: Womanhood is Unique

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March is annually celebrated as Women’s History month. We believe Women’s Herstory is always in the making which is why the recent launch of the new Crown Collection featured the stories of women we know and admire. Their unique journeys, lessons learned and sources of inspiration brought us so much joy!

As you read highlights of their stories, let us know about women that inspire you. Whether it is your mother, an aunt, sister friend, or a trailblazing herstory maker, let us know in the comments. There’s no manual for the gift of womanhood. Listening to each woman, we were encouraged by the wisdom, power, triumph and curiosity and vastness of womanhood. 

Ericka M., The Optimist

Woman seated with book wearing African print head wrap

Ericka is styled with the Mali head wrap and Marked by Mull earrings 
Describe yourself in one word: Loyal… that is one of my best attributes.  

Womanhood is: Womanhood is unique to everybody. We’ve all had different experiences so I think it’s unique to everyone. 

Name one woman who most influenced who you are today: My mother, Monique, hands down! She had a very different upbringing than I did. The generational curses she’s broken, her desire for her kids to have more...I’m seeing more and more of myself in her everyday. 

What's your favorite quote, book, song or inspiration?: Mary J. Blige’s “Be Happy” lyrics. It’s one of my all-time favorite songs. The first two lyrics are “ How can I love somebody else if I can't love myself enough to know when it's time, time to let go?” I recognize letting go of things has catapulted me and my life. It’s not necessarily the things that I say yes to, but the things that I said no to. So I would encourage anyone who is trying to figure out what to do in life to think about what you possibly need to let go of to release you into all that you’re supposed to be.

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